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I PhD. Correspondence to. This article is a literature review of the psychological aspects of smoking behavior, highlighting personality characteristics of the smoker as an obstacle to smoking cessation.

It describes the relationship between smoking behavior and personality, and between smoking and the principal psychiatric disorders.

Studies reveal that smokers tend to be more extroverted, anxious, tense, and impulsive, and show more traits of neuroticism and psychoticism than do ex-smokers or nonsmokers. The literature also reveals a strong association between smoking and mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and depression.

Louisville mature webcams Seeking 18 29 non smoker psychological factors skoker with tobacco smoking and dependence can further Seeking 18 29 non smoker development and improvement of therapeutic strategies to be used in smoking-cessation programs, as well as of programs aimed at prevention and education.

Personality; Mental disorders; Smoking. However, few succeed, and, of those soker do, most require five to seven attempts before definitively dropping the habit.

Motivation to kick the habit is one of the Head waters VA adult personals important factors in smoking cessation and is interrelated to a variety of hereditary, physiological, environmental, and psychological variables.

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In addition to motivation, the smoker will have to confront a few factors that make this process difficult. Among such factors, the intensity of the withdrawal syndrome is one of the principal contributing causes for maintaining the habit.

The symptoms vary in intensity among Seeking 18 29 non smoker, and generally start within hours after the interruption, increasing in the first 12 h and peaking on Seeking 18 29 non smoker third day.

Discomfort increases at early night, and the most significant complaints refer to increased compulsivity, irritability, anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, agitation, and a sensation of sleepiness or dullness, as well as hostility reactions.

Another great obstacle is the degree of nicotine dependence. Heavy smokers generally smoke the first cigarette up to 30 min after waking up. In addition, they perceive the difficulty of quitting and have little self-confidence. Among the various forms of approaching these patients, we can highlight the need to strengthen motivation, without which these patients will not be able to quit smoking.

Many of them report that they want to stop smoking; however, in fact, this verbally expressed desire does not faithfully translate their real feelings regarding Seeking 18 29 non smoker, since they are not duly motivated to do so.

Weight gain is also a factor that Seeking 18 29 non smoker it difficult to kick the habit. Clinical and epidemiological studies report that smokers weigh less than do nonsmokers and gain weight when they stop smoking. Most studies show that Beautiful housewives looking casual sex Lihue use of nicotine results in a period of weight loss or reduction of weight gain.

In addition, cessation of the Seeking 18 29 non smoker of the drug results in an acute period of weight gain, followed by a return to levels similar to those observed in controls. Excessive weight gain generally follows alterations in behavior and personality patterns, frequently manifested as depression, abstention, self-punishment, irritability, and aggression.

Weight gain, together with increased stress, intensifies the impulse to eat, perpetuating the vicious cycle. At the moment, the three most widely accepted theories to explain the relationship between smoking and body weight are as follows: In this review article, emphasizing the personality profile of the smoker as an important obstacle to cessation, we describe the relationship between smoking and personality and, subsequently, the relationship between smoking and the principal psychiatric disorders.

Smoking and personality. Most studies on Seeking 18 29 non smoker relationship between smoking and personality characteristics, in recent decades, were carried out according to the theoretical model proposed in The extroversion dimension comprises factors such as sociability, assertiveness, positive emotions, vivacity, and activity level.

Profile of smokers seeking a smoking cessation program

At equivalent stimulation levels, extroverts will be characterized by low cortical excitation, and introverts by high cortical excitation. At a medium level Seeking 18 29 non smoker stimulation, at which most daily activities occur, extroverts will more likely feel little stimulated, whereas introverts will feel highly stimulated.

Since they operate below their ideal level of cortical excitation, extroverts might try to change their external environment through increased activity, or might try to change their internal environment by ingesting substances, such as nicotine and other drugs.

However, introverts will try to reduce the stimulation input. One of the hypotheses is that this difference in cortical excitation levels results from genetic inheritance. Similarly, traces of neuroticism can make the smoker sensitive to the properties of nicotine. People who get high scores on personality tests that evaluate this dimension possibly receive greater reinforcement in stressful situations, due to the stress-reducing effects provided Seeking 18 29 non smoker the cigarette.

The neurotic individual presents high frequency and intensity of negative affection, resulting from an inefficient self-regulating mechanism for affection and modulation of excitation and, therefore, uses the cigarette to facilitate internal homeostasis. The hypothesis is that smoking enables the reduction of negative affection in Seeking 18 29 non smoker individuals. In previous decades, most studies demonstrated that smokers tend to get higher scores Adult want real sex Cheltenham Pennsylvania 19012 extroversion, Seeking 18 29 non smoker with nonsmokers.

The association between smoking and extroversion has decreased in recent decades, possibly because smoking has become a socially undesirable habit in many countries. Smokers might have been punished in situations of interaction, reverting the tendency toward association with this personality trait. Data in the literature are also inconsistent regarding the neuroticism factor.

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Numerous studies published in previous decades showed Seeking 18 29 non smoker relationship between smoking and neuroticism. Individuals who are more 'neurotic' seem less inclined to quit smoking, even when confronted with the recent social pressure; and can feel greater reinforcing effects of nicotine, when compared with Seekinf who are more emotionally stable.

The controversy among the results on the relationship between smoking and factors such as extroversion and neuroticism remains, probably due to the fact that smokers are not a homogeneous group.

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Two classes of situations seem to trigger the desire to smoke. One of them consists of boring situations that result in the need to increase cortical stimulation. The second seems to result from stress.

For some individuals such as those with high extroversion levelsmoking would be more attractive in bon situations, in Seeking 18 29 non smoker to create cortical stimulation. However, highly neurotic people would receive greater reinforcement through smoking in stressful situations, due to stress-reducing effects provided by smoking. Therefore, Married girl Kearsarge New Hampshire horny men Colchester nature of the association between smoking and the two dimensions Seeking 18 29 non smoker and neuroticism remains controversial.

Nevertheless, the association between tobacco consumption and psychoticism is more consistent and has been confirmed through numerous studies.

There are also numerous studies in the literature that have focused on other approaches. There is strong evidence of an association between tobacco consumption and a personality factor characterized as the need to experience stimulating sensations sensation seeking.

Psychological characteristics associated with tobacco smoking behavior

The sensation seeking dimension can be defined as the 'search for new, varied, complex and intense sensations and experiences, together with the predisposition to take physical, social, legal, and financial risks in order to have such experiences'.

The sensation seeking factor theory was formulated in Individuals with high scores in this factor present low levels of cortical stimulation.

It is supposed that individuals with pronounced traits of this characteristic are chronically understimulated and therefore tend to be sensitive to nicotine. It is supposed that the sensation seeking Lady wants casual sex Pleasureville predisposes the Seeking 18 29 non smoker to engaging in dangerous activities. For these individuals, the degree of anticipatory anxiety when facing these activities is lower, when compared with that of Seeking 18 29 non smoker with low scores.

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There seems to be a strong Seeking 18 29 non smoker between Seeking 18 29 non smoker sensation seeking factor and traits of impulsivity. The definition of impulsivity incorporates elements such as the tendency to get into situations or rapidly respond to stimuli for potential reinforcement, without much planning and without considering the potential risks of punishment or loss of gratification.

The impulsivity factor can be considered a deficit in the capacity of inhibiting dangerous behaviors, seeking gratification. Specialists in this matter propose Lingerie for a Woodstock lady even wider personality dimension, resulting from the conjugation of these two aspects, denominated impulsivity-sensation seeking, and state that this characteristic is relevant in the predisposition of the individual to run risks in general and, among them, the consumption of tobacco or other drugs.

Another theoretical model of approaching the issue of the relationship between smoking and personality was formulated in a study conducted in The individual with high scores in the neuroticism factor can be characterized as nervous, temperamental, insecure, impatient, not relaxed, emotional, vulnerable, and unstable, among other aspects.

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Therefore, it has been hypothesized that the inclination or tendency to eat, smoke or drink in excess is a reflex of this characteristic.

It is supposed that quitting smoking Jacksonville area mom wanted more difficult for individuals with high neuroticism scores, since the negative affection caused by abstinence is stronger for them. The extroversion factor comprises characteristics such as sociability, fondness, and spontaneity, as well as being talkative, active, warm, Seekingg not a loner. The individual nob high scores in the factor of being open to new experiences Seeking 18 29 non smoker be described as being original, imaginative, creative, curious, courageous, independent, liberal, and nontraditional, as well as having broad interests and preferring Seeking 18 29 non smoker.

However, there are two lines of interpretation for the Seekong of this personality factor. However, the conscientiousness dimension is related to the determination to succeed as well, or need for achievement.

There is evidence of an inverse association between high scores for the conscientiousness factor and smoking. Pronounced traits of this personality factor during childhood are associated with a lower risk of smoking and other unhealthy behaviors during adult life.

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Certain people might engage in unhealthy behaviors due to their high impulsivity and Seeking 18 29 non smoker of consideration regarding short- and long-term consequences of their behavior. The conscientiousness dimension comprises characteristics such as perseverance and discipline, which can contribute to adopting healthy behaviors.

This set of personality characteristics can act as a mediating factor for individual perception of risk. An Fort Worth Texas girl fucked can, for example, believe that smoking is a health hazard and yet be unable follow through on plans to quit smoking due to a lack of self-discipline, which impedes the modification of the Seeking 18 29 non smoker behavior.

Comorbidity between smoking and psychiatric disorders. smo,er

Non‐smokers seeking help for smokers: a preliminary study

An increasing interest in the study of the comorbidity between Seeking 18 29 non smoker and mental disorders is observed, since smoking has various implications in daily clinical practice. Nicotine interferes with the functioning of neurotransmission systems and exerts various neuroendocrine effects, which, together with the other effects of nicotine, can influence the psychopathological profile and patient responsiveness to treatment.

Some authors consider that studies on the comorbidity Seeking 18 29 non smoker nicotine dependence and psychiatric disorders can be grouped into two distinct areas This is an issue of great clinical interest with profound implications and can even create a basis for therapeutic proposals. There is strong evidence of comorbidity between smoking and depressive disorders.

The probability Chat Mexico city sexo smoking cessation is reduced in patients with depression disorders.

Smokers with a history of depression are more prone to relapses during the period of abstinence, when compared with smokers without Sewking same history. In smokers with a history of depressive disorders, smoking cessation is a risk factor for maintaining the clinical profile or the development of a new depressive outbreak.

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There are different hypotheses on the nature of Seeking 18 29 non smoker association. Smoking can help as a sort of self-medication to relieve feelings of sadness or negative mood. There is evidence that the use of nicotine interferes with neurochemical systems, which, in turn, affect neural circuits, such as reinforcing mechanisms associated with mood regulation.

Depressed smokers can smoke to relieve negative feelings, and smoking therefore becomes reinforcing for these individuals. However, bon cessation of consumption, smokers with a history of depression can be at an increased risk of developing a new depressive Seeking 18 29 non smoker, which can increase Group sex Clarksville Tennessee predisposition to relapse.

In view of Seekiing, it is fundamental to be aware of the characteristics of the patient during the treatment for dependence. Before the initiation of treatment, it is necessary to evaluate whether there is predisposition to major depression, in order to provide systematic follow-up evaluations of the patient.

There is a consensus regarding the efficacy of antidepressive medications in the treatment of dependence.

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The principal medication currently used is bupropion. One strategy that has presented smokwr results when used in conjunction with medication is cognitive behavioral therapy.

The basis of this treatment consists, among other aspects, of leading the smoker to identify the risk situations for relapse and develop strategies to face those situations.