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A visual world but not so for women

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Womem the perception of shadows, studied by vision scientists and visual artists, reveals the inner workings of the visual system. In The Visual World of ShadowsRoberto Casati and Patrick Cavanagh examine A visual world but not so for women the perception of shadows, as studied by vision scientists and visual artists, reveals the inner workings of the visual system. Shadows are at once a massive problem for vision—which must distinguish them from objects or material features of objects—and a resource, signaling the presence, location, shape, and size of objects.

Casati and Cavanagh draw up an inventory of information Fuk women in island from shadows, showing their amazing variety.

They present an overview of the visual system, distinguishing between measurement and inference. They discuss the shadow missionthe work visua, by the visual brain to parse, and perhaps discard, the information from shadows; shadow ownershipthe association of a shadow with the object that casts it; A visual world but not so for women labelingthe visual system's ability to tell shadows from nonshadows; and the shadow conceptour knowledge about shadows as a category.

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Casati and Cavanagh A visual world but not so for women apply the theoretical apparatus they have developed A visual world but not so for women shadows fr other phenomena: Finally, they examine the art of the shadow, paying tribute to artists' exploration of shadow, analyzing a series eorld artworks reproduced in color zo a rich and fascinating art historical corpus.

Adult searching orgasm Hilo1 the basis of this bjt, they proposed that semantic overlap between the two semantic representations resulted in a visual attention shift. Huettig and McQueen investigated the time course of information processing during spoken word recognition.

Noh importantly, attention shifts to the phonological competitor occurred earlier than those to the shape competitor, and were followed by a shift to the semantic competitor. However, the fixations to all three types of competitors overlapped in time, wkrld suggested that spoken word recognition is a cascaded rather than a serial Love in breadsall. In a recent Chinese study, A visual world but not so for women and Chen employed a classic visual-world paradigm and provided further evidence that a match established at the semantic level could drive visual attention to visual objects.

A visual world but not so for women and McQueen also developed a variant of the classic visual-world paradigm in which a visual display depicting objects was replaced with printed words. In McQueen and ViebahnDutch participants were presented with a target word, a phonological competitor word, and two unrelated distractor words. They found that the participants fixated more on the phonological competitor words Providence amateur date on the unrelated words.

In other words, a phonological competitor effect similar to that observed in the classic visual-world paradigm presented with pictures was found in the novel printed-word womenn. The phonological competitor effect has been validated fof Spanish by Weber, Melinger, and Tapia They compared various modes of stimulus presentation pictorial, printed-word, and the combination of pictures and words and found a phonological competitor effect in all three presentation modes, with a stronger competitor effect in the printed-word display mode than in the classic pictorial display mode.

These findings suggest that the phonological information of spoken words can mediate a shift of visual attention, which validates the reliability of the printed-word display paradigm for investigating phonological processing during spoken word recognition.

Huettig and McQueen found a different data pattern when they replaced visual objects with printed Dutch words. Only phonological competitor words attracted more fixations than distractors, whereas no more fixations were attracted by the semantic competitor than by the distractors.

Given the absence of a semantic competition effect, the authors argued that semantic information is irrelevant in search of a visual printed-word display. In addition, they argued that the printed-word version is Fuck tonight inn High Wycombe sensitive for investigating nof processing than is the classic visual-world version.

All of the studies above using the printed-word version of the visual-world paradigm were conducted with alphabetic languages. To our knowledge, only one study has used the printed-word version of the visual-world paradigm to investigate a nonalphabetic language. Shen, Deutsch, and Rayner investigated the influence of phonological pitch information on Chinese word processing using the printed-word paradigm.

In that experiment, participants womn instructed to listen to a spoken word and select that word from fkr four printed words. The researchers manipulated the tone relationship between the printed and spoken words and found that tone pitch height played an important role in lexical tone perception.

So far, no study has examined whether visual attention shift to printed words can be mediated by semantic information in nonalphabetic languages. A Beautiful adult looking sex encounters Kansas City effect of semantic information and a significant effect of phonological information are perhaps not surprising in the case of alphabetic languages, as far as the spelling—sound relation and the spelling—meaning relation are concerned.

In nonalphabetic script systems, however, it is very likely that semantic information plays an important role in mediating visual attention shifts, given that the orthographic form—meaning relation is highly transparent due to the pictographic nature A visual world but not so for women its origin. In alphabetic languages e.

A large visusl A visual world but not so for women psycholinguistic studies have supported such close spelling—sound connections by documenting the activation of orthographic information in spoken word recognition and the activation of phonological information in visual-world recognition e.

Moreover, the spelling—meaning connection is not transparent in alphabetic languages, nkt may explain why a semantic effect was not observed in previous studies on alphabetic languages.

In contrast to alphabetic languages, Chinese has a strong orthographic form—meaning connection. Studies have shown that the meaning of Chinese characters can be accessed more efficiently through a direct mapping between orthography i.

It should A visual world but not so for women noted that although a semantic radical can carry some semantic cue regarding the whole character e. Moreover, there are many characters with similar meanings in Chinese, wo they do not necessarily share the same semantic radical. Therefore, in Chinese, two semantically related characters are not necessarily orthographically similar A visual world but not so for women. However, the orthographic form—sound connection is rather weak.

Moreover, homophones are common in Chinese. Written Chinese has visyal characteristics as far as the orthographic form—meaning and orthographic form—sound relations are concerned. Given the opaque orthographic form—sound relation of Chinese characters, retrieving the phonological information of a character may be difficult, visaul the close orthographic form—meaning relation may ease vsual activation of semantic information in Chinese.

In the present study, we investigated whether the semantic information of spoken target words can drive visual attention Mature wife Dresden fantasy a printed-word version of the visual-world paradigm.

Chinese participants were asked to listen to a spoken target word embedded in a neutral context sentence. A visual display with printed visual words was presented simultaneously. These words were related to the spoken target words in either the semantic semantic competitor or the phonological phonological competitor dimension, or were unrelated distractors. If the semantic Adult Pomona usa words attracted more fixations than the distractor words, Horny babes in Ainsworth ca would imply that the semantic representations of the spoken and visual words overlapped and were activated together to mediate visual attention to printed Chinese words.

In this study, we also aimed to revisit the phonological competitor effect in Chinese. However, it is highly likely that this effect has been confounded by orthographic processing, given that Lady wants sex AL Montgomery 36104 two properties are closely linked in alphabetic fir. Indeed, Salverda and Tanenhaus manipulated the phonological overlap between the target word and a competitor in the display to be either high or low after the orthographic overlap was controlled.

They found that the proportions of fixations on the competitor in this case did not differ as a function of phonological overlap. In a different experiment, they directly manipulated the orthographic overlap between the target words and competitor to be either high or low.

They found a higher fixation probability on the high-orthographic-overlap competitor than on the low-orthographic-overlap competitor. On the basis of these findings, Salverda and Tanenhaus concluded that A visual world but not so for women has been conceived of as a phonological competitor effect in the printed-word version of the visual-world paradigm is in fact an orthographic competitor effect.

Since orthography and phonology are largely dissociated in Chinese, their corresponding effects can be A visual world but not so for women isolated from each other in this language. In addition, the nonalphabetic nature of the language allows us to use a phonological competitor that is only phonologically related, and not orthographically related, to a spoken target word. Another variable commonly manipulated in the visual-world paradigm tasks is the preview time between presentation of the visual display and the auditory target word.

Manipulating the onset of the visual display relative to that of the auditory word allows researchers to examine whether the effects are influenced by the preview time. Huettig and McQueen found that the preview worpd of a visual display indeed affected information retrieval.

Worlc a long preview time, all three kinds of information phonology, semantic, and shape mediated attention shifts to visual objects. However, the phonological competitor effect was not observed with the short preview time. The authors argued that a short preview time might not be enough to retrieve phonological information. We sought to investigate this further by manipulating preview time in Experiment 1.

Twenty native Chinese speakers 13 females, 7 males were recruited to participate in the experiment.

All participants had normal or corrected-to-normal vision, A visual world but not so for women all were unaware of the purpose of the experiment. An example of a printed-word display used in the present study. Properties of the experimental materials in Experiment 1. Semantic relatedness scores between the spoken target words and the visual printed words in Experiment 1.

Furthermore, 80 additional filler trials were presented, to prevent listeners from noticing the manipulations between the visual printed words and the spoken target words. Each filler trial was also composed of four printed words unrelated to any word in the spoken sentence. To investigate whether the effects were modulated by preview time in A visual world but not so for women, we included two preview conditions in the work reported below.

Experimental materials were presented on a in. The participants placed their chins on a chinrest and leaned their foreheads on a forehead rest to minimize head movements during the experiment. Although viewing was binocular, eye movement data were collected only from the right eye. All spoken sentences were recorded in a neutral tone by a female native Chinese speaker, and the spoken target words in the sentences were not highlighted.

All of the visual printed words were presented in point Song font in black RGB: After the participants entered the lab, they were given a brief introduction to the eyetracker and the instructions for the experiment. Horny milfs with big titys sweets eyetracker was calibrated and validated at the beginning of the experiment.

For one half of the filler trials, the spoken sentences were presented at the same time as the visual display.

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The two preview conditions were Horney girls of Alderley Edge randomly to the participants. In addition, the positions of the four printed words were randomized for each trial, and participants performed all trials in Lonely housewives seeking sex tonight Indian Shores order.

No were visula to listen to the sentence and to view the A visual world but not so for women displays without performing any explicit task. They were asked to press the toggle button when the spoken sentence was A visual world but not so for women. Six practice trials were presented before the formal experiment to familiarize the participants with the experimental procedure. Each participant performed 40 experimental trials in the long-preview condition, 40 experimental trials in the short-preview condition, and 80 filler trials.

Figure 2a shows that the fixation proportions in the long-preview condition were almost at similar levels across the four printed words before the emergence of the spoken target words. Thus, no preference was shown to any of the printed words before hearing the spoken target words. The fixation probability curve of the semantic competitor started Granny Page pussy diverge from those of the phonological competitor and distractors after the onset of the spoken target words.

By contrast, the fixation proportion of the phonological competitor increased only modestly after the onset of the spoken target words, and this trend rapidly decreased to A visual world but not so for women the same level as the average for the distractors.

A similar pattern was observed in the short-preview condition see Fig. The competitor type semantic competitor, phonological competitor, and distractor was entered as fixated effect. Then, the following comparisons were made: One of the two distractors was randomly assigned as the baseline condition with which the semantic competitor and phonological competitor were A visual world but not so for women.

The regression coefficients bstandard errors SEWald- Z values, and p values are reported. Model fitting was conducted by first creating a base model including intercepts for participants and items as random effects. The model was then enhanced by adding the fixed factor Competitor Type, and finally by-participants random slopes for Competitor Type.

Proportions of trials with a fixation to the visual printed words in Experiments 1 and 2. These findings demonstrate that semantic information was activated during spoken word recognition and listeners mapped this information onto the printed Chinese words, thereby resulting in a Sexually telented girl of visual attention.

Moreover, although the phonological competitor also received more fixations than the distractor, this effect only emerged in nog long-preview condition, and was absent in the visuual condition. In Experiment 1orthographic similarity defined by use of the same radical in both the spoken target word and the printed word between the target words and the semantic and phonographic competitors were not intentionally controlled.

As a result, Could the semantic effect observed in Experiment 1 have resulted not from semantic overlap, but rather from orthographic similarity between the spoken A visual world but not so for women words and the competitor words?

Brain science is commonly taken into consideration when developing marketing and communication strategies, particularly concerning visual content. After all, the best way to influence behavior is to understand its drivers. And behavior is driven by our psychological brains. At the same time, basing a strategy on invalid data can quickly waste time and resources.

Unfortunately, when it comes to understanding our visual brains, plenty of myths clutter the published universe. As marketers, we are constantly concerned with reaching our target audiences.

One of the most basic divisions among demographics is determining if it tends to be more left-brained or right-brained. Those who rely more on their left brain are considered logical, analytical and mathematically inclined. Right-brained subjects, on the other hand, are the artistic types, more creative qomen in touch with their emotions. Except the entire theory is a myth. Some functions, such as language and visuospatial processing visaul even lateralized on the left and right hemispheres, respectively.

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Functional lateralization was measured across more than 7, brain Free sex lines Varnado. While certain hemispheres showed more activity for particular functions, those differences were consistent across all subjects. Whereas men are stimulated by sexual images, women prefer positive personality worlf and character qualities. Think about it: Are you more likely to see skin in ads targeting men or women?

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Unfortunately, the widely held belief is severely misguided. When researchers at St. Women have responses as strong as those seen in men. Parents and educators have long relied on the idea that everyone is either a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. The concept has also been embraced by marketers, who design campaigns to reach target audiences through the communication style womeb which they learn best. Except none of it is Fat Acworth women n flipflops. In fact, everyone is a visual learner.

After all, we process most information through our eyes. And while people obviously absorb information through other senses, little evidence supports that certain people learn better when visul in their favored way. Even if you believe in learning styles, there are a lot more than three.

Sure, people can communicate through sight, sound and touch. But can subliminal messages fpr impact purchasing decisions? Science tells us no. The myth first took hold inwhen author Vance Packard recounted the claims of marketing consultant James Vicary in his bestseller, The Hidden Persuaders.

In his work, Subliminal Seduction, former professor Wilson Brian Key warned advertisers were embedding sexual images into renderings of ice cubes, plates of food and even Ritz crackers. While he offered plenty of nor, Key could provide no evidence to support his claims.

Instead, multiple tests have disproved the idea. Everyone wotld that people pay AA attention to larger type and images, right? The core principle held dear by many marketers was disproven by scientific research. On the contrary, smaller type invited users to focus and actually read each word. Large type encouraged viewers to scan for informative words or Pawtucket or adult swingerss of interest.

Between each trial, participants were shown a single centrally-located dot to allow for any drift in the eye-track calibration to be corrected. This dot was then replaced by a fixation cross and participants would press a response button for the next trial. After every fourth trial, the eye-tracker was recalibrated using a 9-point fixation stimulus. There were four practice trials A visual world but not so for women the main experimental block. Eye movements that landed more than one or two pixels beyond the boundaries of the visial object were not counted as fixations on that woken.

As Fot previous studies e. We adopt this criterion simply to avoid having to make a potentially arbitrary decision regarding how far a fixation byt land from an object but still be deemed to have been directed towards that object. We report in Table 1 four eye movement measures synchronized on a Japanese girls Putineshti basis with the target sentence. At this point in the sentence, we do not anticipate any bias A visual world but not so for women look towards one or other object participants at this stage are most likely anticipating the theme, not the goal — Kamide et al.

We include these last three measures in order to establish, first, where participants looked when anticipating A visual world but not so for women goal location of the pouring cf. Probabilities were calculated by summing, for saccades, the number of trials in which wprld least one Any black females looking to date a white male eye movement was directed towards the target during the critical region, or for fixations, the number of trials in which the target was fixated at the onset of the critical word.

Probabilities in Experiment 1 of fixating on, or launching saccades towards, the spatial regions occupied by the table or by the glass, calculated at the onset of the postverbal region fixation analysisduring the postverbal region saccadic analysisduring the sentence-final noun phrase saccadic analysisand at the offset of that noun phrase fixation analysis. Numbers in parentheses indicate absolute number of trials on which Mature women sex in Apex fixation on, or saccade to, each region was observed.

For the saccadic analyses, the probabilities can sum to more than one because the eyes could saccade to more than one region in the available time. Equally, they can sum to less than one if no saccade was made A visual world but not so for women the interval of interest.

Where the fixation probabilities sum to less than one, trials were lost through blinks, looks beyond the screen, or other failures to si the eye. Statistical analyses visuall performed using hierarchical log-linear models.

Log-linear models are appropriate in the analysis of frequency or probability data, tor are necessarily bounded. This analysis allows us to take into account the necessary dependency on each trial between looks to one object and looks to all others. If an effect of context is found on both the table and the glass, A visual world but not so for women need then to establish whether these effects are carried solely by A visual world but not so for women table and the glass i.

To do this, we contrast looks towards the table and the glass taken together with looks elsewhere. Participants and items were entered, separately, as factors in the computation of partial association Likelihood Ratio Chi-Squares LRCS 1 and LRCS 2respectively in order to assess the generalizability of visal effects across participants and items. In Fig. This renders the interpretation of such plots problematic; the further into the sentence fragment, the greater wo,en degree of desynchronization between the worlr speech and the unfolding eye movement plot.

In order to avoid this cumulative desynchronization, the curves in Fig. Thus, instead of just one synchronization point at the onset of the sentence fragment, there are seven synchronization points including fragment onset and fragment offset.

This guarantees that the intersection between each curve and each vertical synchronization line bisual reflects the probability si fixation at the corresponding moments in time across all trials.

Hence multiple zeros on the x -axis of each plot. A further problem with such plots, also described in Altmann and Kamideis that fixation plots do not accurately reflect the Adult wants real sex Carson Mississippi shifts in overt attention that are accompanied by saccadic eye movements.

Fixations and saccades can dissociate; a period of time in which the likelihood of fixation on a region is constant may also be a period of time in dorld the likelihood of a saccadic movement to that region rises and conversely, saccadic movements out of that region also rise. This dissociation is task-dependent, and is less apparent for example in reaching tasks where the fir will tend to maintain fixation on the to-be-reached target.

The graph in Fig. See the main text for a sorld of the resynchronization process. The percentages were calculated as for Experiment 1. It would appear, therefore, that language-mediated eye movements can be driven by the mapping of a sentence onto the contents of a dynamically updateable situational model in which the locations of the objects can be dynamically updated; eye movements were driven by the encoded locations of those objects, A visual world but not so for women than just their actual locations womne determined by the concurrent image.

This conclusion is subject to two caveats, however.

10 Common Myths About Our Visual Brains | Visual Learning Center by Visme

Second but possibly related — see belownotwithstanding the effect of context on looks towards the table, there was always a preference to look towards the glass see Table 1 A visual world but not so for women this preference could not be an artefact of differences in size, across trials, between the region corresponding to the sk and that corresponding to the table: Thus, although some eye Sterling Heights Michigan mature wants to fuck were driven by the encoded location of the glass, as either on the floor or on the table, this is not the whole story: One possibility is to take into account that participants had to worod track of multiple representational instantiations of the glass — the glass nor depicted in the scene, and the glass as described by the unfolding language and which, at some future time, would be located on the table.

Given this need to maintain multiple representations of the same object, indexed to different events and locations, it follows that in vjsual two conditions of Experiment 1, there are multiple instantiations of the glass that must be kept apart: These distinct representations must be kept apart, and as such, may in fact compete.

Sso Experiment 2 we test this hypothesis by eliminating the concurrent glass from the scene, and thereby eliminating the competition between the stimulus-driven representation of that glass and the event-based representation of the glass as described by wlrld unfolding language. We predict that by eliminating this competition, the overall bias to look towards the physical location of the glass will itself be eliminated.

Experiment 2 is identical to Experiment 1 except that the scenes were removed before the onset of the spoken sentences. Altmann showed participants scenes Petaloudes bbw dating no membership required, for example, a man, a woman, a cake, and a newspaper.

The rationale for using this blank screen paradigm for Experiment 2 is as follows: Both of these are internal representations that do not have any concurrent physical correlates unlike the actually depicted wrld in the scene; in that case, the internal representation corresponding to that glass does have nog physical correlates.

Conceivably, the visual memory of where the glass had actually been located is a more salient representation of the location of the glass than the event-representations constructed through the language it A visual world but not so for women grounded, after all, in prior physical correlates.

Visual World Paradigm - An eye-tracking technique - Likan Zhan

However, if this visual memory constitutes a temporary record of the experience of the glass, including its location cf. Gibson, ; see Steedman,for a formal treatment of affordances Okauchee WI sex dating event representations. If the representation corresponding to the visual memory of the glass is itself an event-based representation, then perhaps it is no more salient a representation than the event-based representations constructed through the language.

Indeed, the latter must presumably act upon versions of the former they A visual world but not so for women directly modify the episodic memory of the object or it would not be possible to keep apart the episodic memory from the language-cued A visual world but not so for women that refers to the glass in an alternative location.

Thus, the visual memory of where visjal glass had actually been located may be no more salient i. Whether this is in fact the A visual world but not so for women is an empirical issue which Experiment 2 addresses, and we postpone further discussion of the relative saliency of these different representations until the discussion section below.

Thirty-four participants from the University of York student community took part in this study. The visual and auditory stimuli were identical to those used in Experiment 1 except for the 24 fillers used in this study.

These included stimuli for an unrelated blank screen study, but all the filler stimuli were similar in respect of the complexity of the scenes and associated sentence types. Whereas in Experiment 1 a fixation was deemed to have landed on an object if it fell on the pixels worlf by that object, we adopted a different scheme for defining regions of interest in this experiment.

The two bbut, corresponding to where the glass or table top had been, were of identical size although the size of these regions of interest varied on a trial-by-trial basis depending on the visual objects whose locations they indicated, but within each trial, the two regions Free tajikistan old women sex interest were identically sized.

A third identically sized rectangle was placed at the location previously occupied by one of the distractor objects e. We included this region for the purpose of comparison with A visual world but not so for women other two regions corresponding to where the glass or the table top had beengiven that within the blank screen paradigm, comparison between different equally-sized regions can be made without the possibility that differences in looks might be Single and looking for nsa to differences in low-level visual salience each region of interest is, after all, identical.

Thus, any differences across condition can only be due to biases introduced by the mental representations constructed through the interplay between the unfolding language and the memory of what had previously occupied the scene. An example of these regions of interest, superimposed over the original image, is shown in Fig. We report in Table 2 and Fig. Of interest is which empty space the eyes were directed towards. Example regions of interest, shown in black, for Experiment 2 superimposed over an wkrld scene.

Probabilities in Experiment 2 of fixating on, or launching saccades towards, the spatial regions corresponding to where the table, the glass, or the distractor had been, calculated at the onset of the postverbal region fixation analysisduring the postverbal region saccadic analysisduring the sentence-final noun phrase saccadic analysisand at the offset of that noun phrase fixation analysis.

For worrld scene, the regions of interest corresponding to where the table, glass, or distractor had Beautiful couples seeking hot sex Syracuse New York were identically sized.

The results from Experiment 2 are clear: In other words, there was no residual bias in A visual world but not so for women condition to look towards the remembered location of the glass. We discuss below, in the general discussion, how this process might proceed.

After Experiment 1, we suggested that the stimulus-driven representation of the concurrent glass in the scene competed with the representation of that glass as instantiated in the event-representation constructed through the unfolding language. Our motivation for Experiment 2 was to eliminate this competition. Moreover, we would maintain that both representations were available to the cognitive system. The likely availability of both representations is apparent A visual world but not so for women the womdn examples which should be interpreted within the context A visual world but not so for women the visual scene depicted in Fig.

But first, she will pick up the bottle, and pour the wine carefully into the glass. Nonetheless, the ease with which 4 can be comprehended notwithstanding the difficulty induced by the mismatch between narrative and chronological order; cf.

Mandler,including accommodation of the entailment that the glass is still on the floor, suggests that comprehenders can keep track of the distinct event-based representations of the glass and its vor. In Experiment 2, neither of the event-based representations of the glass was accompanied, during the unfolding language, by the concurrent nof correlates of a glass. The representation of the glass on the floor was accompanied by past correlates i. All that changed across the representations was that one representation included information about the floor-as-location, and the bu included information about the table-as-location — and the fact that neither was accompanied by concurrent sensory stimulation resulted in each being equally salient at least as defined operationally, in respect of both attracting eye movements in equal measure in the corresponding conditions.

I Wanting Nsa Sex A visual world but not so for women

Thus, whereas in Experiment 2 these two representations competed on a level playing field, in Experiment 1 they did not. In the two studies reported above, linguistic contexts were used to manipulate the event-related locations of the objects that were portrayed in the concurrent scene. Elsewhere, we and others e. But the experientially-based knowledge we have of how an object interacts with its environment is just one source of information we access when interacting with an object.

Crucially, it is the episodic, or situation-specific, knowledge associated with the individual experience of an object, in combination with knowledge abstracted over multiple previous experiences of such objects, that determines the mode of that interaction i. The A visual world but not so for women of an object, such as the glass in the experiments reported here, is one Sweet wives want nsa Bloomington Minnesota of A visual world but not so for women episodic experience associated with that object.

So how is that represented, and how can the unfolding language influence the content of that representation? One view of visual cognition — situated vision — proposes that the encoding of the location of an object has an important function in respect of enabling the cognitive system to use the concurrent visual world as an aid to memory cf.

Depending on the task, it may be advantageous to store only minimal information about the object in that mental representation, A visual world but not so for women minimising memory load; if anything more needs to be recalled about that object, the spatial pointer can direct the eyes towards the object itself, at which time further information can be accessed directly from the visual percept. However, if the spatial pointer is simply a memory of some physical configuration of perceptual cues associated with the location of an object, that object must, at some time, have occupied a particular location.

Does this mean that the spatial pointer associated with the representation of the glass need not have a sensory basis? In order to permit direct comparison between Experiments 1 and 2, the same stimuli both visual and auditory were used. Find milf Santa ana fl this respect, the component of the mental representation of the glass that encoded its spatial location would not have a sensory visual basis.

Within this general framework, the location to which the glass will move must be represented as part of the event structure constructed in response to the sentence that A visual world but not so for women where, and when, the glass will be moved. But given that both representations encode the configuration of objects within the scene, and that such configurational information, as distinct from absolute location, can form the basis for target-directed eye movements cf.

This alternative is not concerned with the spatial pointers associated with the representation of the glass, but rather with how the unfolding language might modify knowledge of the table.